Desktop Publishing


Desktop Publishing (DTP) is not just a simple play with page layout program, which now seems to be forgotten by a lot of people involved in the design and preparation of all kinds of printed materials. This approach often causes concerns to professional printers, who takes their job very seriously and wants to make final product presenting on paper, at least as good as on a computer screen designer. If you want to make it real, and you want an effective cooperation with people who are engaged in the process of creating printed materials, come to us – we can do it!

Catalogs, leaflets, business cards, brochures, posters – the offer is as wide as Your and our imagination is. We will deal with everything comprehensively! We start the project and then we prepare materials for printing, then print, and if necessary we send it to the indicated place.

In business of Printing we have been since 2001. We have an extensive experience in offset printing and screen printing. Our services are aimed at a wide range of customers.

We encourage you to contact us and to cooperate both -professional clients and individuals. We take seriously all orders – large and small. We are open for constant cooperation, as well as a single order.

To meet needs of all clients, we offer comprehensive DTP services, in which we will do for you a complete and professional computer typesetting, from the imposition by making an adjustment, having finished on the final preparation of publications for each type of printing.

We are able to do for you:

– Books
– Guides
– Leaflets
– Folders
– Posters
– Business cards
– Invitations
– Any graphics
– Drawings
– Professional photos
– OCR Services (automatic text recognition)
– Retouching
– Barcodes
– Planners
– All kinds of calendars